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Everyone loves hardwoods, but more than likely you will want to purchase a few area rugs to put down on them. There are several reasons, but here are the most important and practical reason we think you should throw down a few area runs on that brand new hardwood.


Keep Your Floor in Great Condition

Area rugs (and runners) are a great idea to have in high-traffic areas. They will help protect your floors and extend their lifespan in areas like hallways, entryways and living rooms.


Use Colors to Show Off Decor

The most important part of decorating with area rugs on hardwood floors is creating a successful theme. The area rug should be used to highlight your decorations and not necessarily be the focal point of the room. Choosing the right color rug will really help tie together any room.


Control the Brightness of the Room

Dark hardwood floors and the increasing popularity of darker walls in homes can decrease the brightness in your home. While you want the area rug to match the theme of the room, this is one way you can add a pop of color to a room and make it appear brighter.


Increase Comfort

Hardwood floors have a beautiful, timeless look. However, that does not always mean comfort. Many people believe that the only downfall to hardwoods is that it causes the room to slightly lose some comfortability. Adding an area rug will help add comfort back into any room.



Bonus Tip

A massive mistake that so many people make is not cleaning the area before laying the rug down. Whether you are using the rug to cover scratches or just to add some comfort. It’s important the clean the area beforehand to clear any dirt, oils, or debris. If this is not done prior to laying the rug down, you will have noticeable damages when you take the rug up.



Area rugs are as much as a statement as your hardwood floors are. Picking the right one is important to highlight your decor. However, if your floors lack that pop, maybe it’s time for an upgrade in that area as well. If that’s the case, Concept Flooring will be there to assist when it’s time.