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So you just had brand new carpet laid, the furniture is back in its place and you can now relax once again. It is said that carpet should last anywhere from 5 to 15 years. How can you get to that 15-year mark you ask? Well, we have put together a list of our best tips to help you stretch the lifespan of your brand new carpet.


Vacuum Often

There is no such thing as “over” vacuuming. In fact, the more the better. It is important to vacuum because it will help lift away the dirt and debris from within your carpet. Dirt and debris act as little razors that cut at your carpets fibers and break down the integrity of your carpet. We suggest it to vacuum high-traffic areas and entryways twice a week and all other areas at least once a week.


Use Door Mats

Some refer to these as “walk-off mats”. The idea is to have one on both sides of each of your home’s entry doors. This will help you cut back on the amount of dirt that’s tracked into your home. Be sure to vacuum these mats just as often as your carpet. If they are not, then dirt will build up and the mats will become less effective.


Shampoo Carpets Before They Are Noticeable Dirty

Being proactive and shampooing your carpets before they look dirty will help you stay ahead of the game. Much like vacuuming, it will not hurt to shampoo your carpets often as long as it is done correctly. One of the biggest mistakes made when cleaning carpets is not allowing them to dry thoroughly before moving furniture and walking on them again.


Clean Stains/Spills Right Away

The quicker you act the better chances you have at getting most (if not all) spills out of your carpet. People think scrubbing your carpet after a spill is the only way to get them up, but that is not true at all. You need to avoid scrubbing and blot the spill. Scrubbing will break down carpet fibers and create a fuzzy area where you scrubbed. Blotting may take more time but if you want to hit that 15-year make with your carpet then be patient and blot!


Professional Deep Clean

The DIY shampooing is great and should be done often. However, it is suggested to have carpet deep cleaned every 8 to 12 months. Professional grade machines can go a little deeper and clear out the embedded dirt that lives deep within your carpet.


Carpet is a true investment and you should do everything to protect that investment as long as you can. If you want longevity out of your carpet, then these tips are very important to keep up with. If your carpet has reached its lifespan, and you have been considering replacing it, then contact Concept Flooring today to schedule your free estimate.