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Hardwood floors are a statement in any home. They are beautiful, durable and often tell a story. So taking care of them is very important. Most homeowners have tried a lot of different ways to care for their hardwoods, but there are a lot of cleaning myths you should avoid. Here are a few “Dos and Don’ts” for caring for your hardwood floors.

Do keep a mat at the entrances of your home.

This will help knock down the amount of dirt tracked into your home. The bottom of shoes can hold a lot of dirt and debris. So, your shoes can cause scratches and scuffs, but if there is a mat at the entrances then it will help reduce that rick.

Do vacuum and sweep.

You should often sweep and vacuum your hardwood floors. This will help keep debris off your floors and reduce the chances of scratches.

Don’t use water to mop hardwood floors.

Everyone thinks hot sudsy water will clean your hardwoods. However, this is far from the truth. In fact, water is a hardwood floors worst enemy and can cause permanent damage.

Do use furniture pads.

Place a pad under each furniture leg that’s in contact with your floors. Furniture will move during use and it will cause pesky scratches that will require repair.

Don’t use oils.

Oils, such as Murphy Oil, can be very harmful to hardwood floors and can cause permanent damage. Using oils can strip the finish way exposing your floor and making it more susceptible to damage.

Don’t hesitate to install hardwoods in your home.

This isn’t a tip for caring for hardwoods, but it is important that everyone knows that adding hardwood in any room in your home is a good move. Hardwood will only help increase the value of your home.
This is a short list of the do’s and don’ts for hardwood care. Your hardwoods say a lot about your home, so caring for them is very important. If you follow these few tips, your floors will stay looking new! For all your hardwood needs, please contact the experts at Concept Flooring!