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Most people know that adding hardwood floors to your home can help increase the value. Most people don’t realize that adding new carpet can help as well. Here are a few reasons adding new carpet can help add value to your home.


The Appearance Changes

Installing new carpet helps change your homes decor and because of the wide variety of looks and feels available, you are sure to find a unique look.



Adding carpet proves to add insulation. There are many studies that show that carpet helps absorb sounds making a room have less or even no echo.



The older the carpet the less soft it will feel. When showing your home, if someone takes their shoes off and the carpet feels stiff and rough, it can be off-putting. Having new carpet will provide a nice soft feel, making the home feel more comfortable.


Cost Saving

Carpet is far cheaper than hardwood floors and often easier to maintain. To some buyers, it will be a benefit.



To some buyers, hardwood doesn’t always provide that comfortable, homely feel. Adding carpet to certain rooms like a living room and bedrooms can help provide the homely feel that most are looking for.



There are several patterns and feels that you can buy. You can determine the durability, pattern and feel in many combinations that will best suit your family.


Healthy Living

Did you know that carpet actually helps improve air quality? This makes it more comfortable for people who suffer from asthma and allergies. As long as you keep your floors vacuumed and cleaned it will drastically help.


There are many reasons adding carpet to your home may add value. The overall answer as to how adding carpet to your home is up to you. At the end of the day, what’s best for your family is the ultimate answer. If you are looking at add new carpet or flooring in general, contact us today to schedule your consultation.