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Over the past many years laminate flooring has been a cheap alternative to hardwood flooring. Over the last few years it has come a long way. It is very reliable flooring and at a glace it’s hard to tell a difference between laminate and hardwoods. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing laminate flooring.



Laminate looks very much like hardwood and even tile. Most laminate hardwoods are now hard scraped, distressed and even have real looking knots to give it a very authentic look.


Laminate is pre-finished and comes in a glossy or matte look. It is easily installed and can often be completed in one day depending on the size of the job.


Laminate is known to be very tough. It can withstand spills, if cleaned up quickly, and it does not tend to fade as quickly as real hardwood floors. One tip to maintenance is not to let water stand, yes it can withstand spills but letting it sit on the flooring for a long period is bad and will likely cause damages.


Like mentioned above, laminate is a cheaper alternative when it comes to hardwood flooring. Since it is manufactured and designed in a factory, it is a little easier to come by. This make laminate up to 50% cheaper than the real thing.


One thing that is important to mention about laminate and is something that really needs to be considered when exploring your flooring options is that it’s difficult to repair. With hardwood flooring you can pretty easily repair an issue. But, with laminate it’s not so easy. If there is damage, you will more than likely have to pull up all the flooring to get to one spot. Since it can’t be refinish, the only way to fix damages is to replace the section completely.

With how real laminate looks today, the repair aspect is honestly the only con when comparing hardwood and laminate. It’s cheaper and it’s a great choice to install in homes when you are on a tight budget but still want that classic hardwood look. Concept Flooring has a large portfolio of laminate flooring. Contact us today to get paired with an expert to start your flooring consultation.