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Hardwood color trends seem to go in and out of style just like clothing trends do. Though the darks and lights are still the go-to, it’s all about the different shades. Are your floors on-trend, or is it time for an update? Refinishing your floors can be an easy task if you have the right company working for you. Check out the top colors for 2020 and see if you need to update your floors heading into the New Year.


Dark Hardwood Stains

Dark colors, to most people, are the most stylish. There are several dark tones that are very popular and look nice in any home. Not to mention they hide more grim and scuffs.

Ebony and Jacobean- Ebony is a deep espresso stylish look with rich tones that really highlights the room and the decor in it. Jacobean is very similar and is probably one of the most popular stains right now. There is a big trend of doing a 50/50 blend between the two to create a beautiful chocolaty espresso look.

Dark Walnut – This is slightly lighter than Ebony and Jacobean. It tends to be a fan favorite because it shows a little less dirt than the dark two listed above.

Dark stains are very much the more popular and will probably always be more popular. They just add a classier and more elegant look.

A bonus color that makes the honorable mentions in the dark category is Royal Mahogany. This will add a slight Red undertone to your floors.


Light Hardwood Stains

More often than not, when people go light it is just the natural color of the wood that is selected. The lighter looks are being more used in very modern homes. The natural look tends to last longer because it’s not yielding any stain.

Golden Oak – this is about as natural as it comes if you are staining your floors. In essence, this stain helps bring out the grain of the wood and helps keep that natural look.

Light hardwood stain is pretty simple. If you want light, then the natural look is the way to go. You see more grain and it will really help you gain that modern look.


Gray Hardwood Stains

When talking hardwood stain trends it’s hard to leave gray out. Gray has become very popular and honestly is becoming one of the most popular stain colors. Gray has not only become a popular stain color it has also become a popular color in homes in general, but both exterior and interior paint colors also tend to be a shade of gray.

Greige – Greige is a very simple gray with slight under tons of beige. This stain will go with practically any color decor in the home, making it a very popular stain color.


No matter what you decide to do with your hardwood floors you can’t mess them up, they are pretty much foolproof. The color really determines the feel of the room. If you are looking for a very warm feeling room, then dark or gray is the way to go. However, if you are looking for a bright and airy feel, then the natural or light stain is for you. Here at Concept Flooring, we have the experts ready to help walk you through this process of choosing the stain that’s best for your home!