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Many consumers love hardwood flooring, but there is still a large following that really enjoys carpet. With that in mind, is your carpet that you love so much in need of being replaced? If some of this article applies to you, then it may be time to replace your carpet.



This is probably a no-brainer.  If it looks ugly and won’t clean up, it may be time for new carpet. If  you move furniture to cover stains and you’re now running out of furniture to cover up those stains, then it’s probably time for some new carpet. Most carpet comes with some level of built-in stain resistance and carpet cleaning services can really extend the life of your carpet, but over time that built-in stain resistance will eventually wear off and stains will become harder to clean.



After a while you might notice that your home is picking up a different scent then normal, especially if you have carpet and pets. Pets living on carpet are notorious for causing odors. Pets have accidents, track in mud and water from outside and have been known to stink all on their own (dogs smell like dogs). That all gets trapped in your carpet and will begin to smell. The worst part is, you may not even realize that there is an odor because you live in it every day.


Allergies Noticeably Worsening

Over time, carpet will begin to hold more allergens. As it breaks down, carpet makes it harder to filter out the debris and tiny particles that settle down into the fiber. If you notice you are a little more stuffy and sneezy, then it might be time to upgrade your carpet. Routine vacuuming will prolong the life, but eventually you need to start over with fresh, new carpet.



This one is simple. If your carpet is more then 10 years old, its probably due to be replaced. Manufacturers suggest that carpet can last up to ten years with proper care. That means periodic deep cleanings and vacuuming regularly. Without proper care, your carpet will last a much shorter time.


Carpet can be cozy and warm in certain rooms of your home. However, when it gets older, stained and just looking a little dull, it can sure change the look of a room, and not in a good way. If your carpet is looking a little shabby, call Concept Flooring today for a free, in-home consultation.